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NO. Title Journal Author Year
12 Responses of the photosynthetic apparatus of Abies koreana to drought under different light conditions Ecol Res Sun Mi Je • Sun Hee Kim • Soo Young Woo 2018
11 Combined effect of elevated CO2 concentration and drought on the photosynthetic apparatus and leaf morphology traits in seedlings of yellow poplar Ecol Res Sun-Mi Je • Su Young Woo • Seong Han Lee • Myung Ja Kwak • Tae Yoon Lee • Sun Hee Kim 2018
10 Imposed drought effects on carbon storage of moso bamboo ecosystem in southeast China: results from a field experiment Ecol Res Xiaogai Ge • Benzhi Zhou • Xiaoming Wang • Qian Li • Yonghui Cao • Lianhong Gu 2018
9 Diurnal variations and gap effects of soil CO2, N2O and CH4 fluxes in a typical tropical montane rainforest in Hainan Island, China Ecol Res Huai Yang • Shirong Liu • Yide Li • Han Xu 2018
8 Ecological consideration for several methodologies to diagnose vegetation phenology Ecol Res Chi Hong Lim • Ji Hong An • Song Hie Jung • Gyung Bae Nam • Yong Chan Cho • Nam Shin Kim • Chang Seok Lee 2018
7 Changed land management policy and the emergence of a novel forest ecosystem in South Korea: landscape dynamics in Pohang over 90 years Ecol Res Yong-Chan Cho • Nam-Shin Kim • Bon-Yeol Koo 2018
6 Vulnerability of subalpine fir species to climate change: using species distribution modeling to assess the future efficiency of current protected areas in the Korean Peninsula Ecol Res Jong-Hak Yun • Katsuhiro Nakao • Ikutaro Tsuyama • Tetsuya Matsui • Chan-Ho Park • Byoung-Yoon Lee • Nobuyuki Tanaka 2018
5 Allogenic succession of Korean fir (Abies koreana Wils.) forests in different climate condition Ecol Res Chi Hong Lim • Ji Hong An • Song Hie Jung • Chang Seok Lee 2018
4 Future distributions of warm-adapted evergreen trees, Neolitsea sericea and Camellia japonica under climate change: ensemble forecasts and predictive uncertainty Ecol Res Kyung Ah Koo • Seon Uk Park • Seungbum Hong • Inyoung Jang • Changwan Seo 2018
3 Divergent tree growth response to recent climate warming of Abies faxoniana at alpine treelines in east edge of Tibetan Plateau Ecol Res Yuandong Zhang • Mingming Guo • Xiaochun Wang • Fengxue Gu • Shirong Liu 2018
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