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Title A new species for Mongolia and new records of vascular plants from Dzungarian Gobi Journal name Turczaninowia
Authors Shukherdorj Baasanmunkh, Oyuntsetseg Batlai, Georgy Lazkov, Gyu Young Chung
Year 2019 Volume 22 Issue 1 Start page 132 End page
DOI 10.14258/turczaninowia.22.1.12
Create date 2021-07-01 17:22:01


A record of Silene alexandrae B. Keller converts it to a new species for Mongolia. S. alexandrae was found on the Khavtag Mountain ranges in Dzungarian Gobi region. Data about previous records of this species in Mongolia are discussed and rejected. Characters distinguishing Silene alexandrae from close species S. altaica Pers. are given. We noted also new distribution points of five taxa: Cortusa matthioli L. subsp. altaica (Losinsk.) Korobkov, Ranunculus turczaninovii (Luferov) Vorosch., Rubus saxatilis L., Polygonatum odoratum (Mill.) Druce and Pyrola rotundifolia L. – in Dzungarian Gobi region of Mongolia.