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2019 Symposium


Contribution to achieving GSPC targets 1, 2 and 7 in East Asia

- Current steps on databasing, monitoring, and conservation of vascular plants in Taiwan(GSPC2020 target 1) (Taiwan)
- Contribution to the knowledge of plant systematics development in Northeastern Asia-the Russian Far East flora checklist(GSPC2020 target 1) (Korea)
- A survey on the vascular flora of Mongolia (4 years)(GSPC2020 target 1) (Mongolia)
- The current situation and the conservation system in threatenedspecies of Japanese conifers(GSPC2020 target 2) (Japan)
- Current studies of rare plants in Far Eastern region of Russia: additional criteria are needed for effective species conservation(GSPC2020 target 2) (Russia)
- IUCN Red List assessment of the Korean peninsula endemic vascular plants(GSPC2020 target 2) (Korea)
- Red listed plants of China: status, issues and prospects(GSPC2020 target 7) (China)

Field workshop - Russky Island

Date / Venue

24 ~ 25 September, 2019 / Vladivostok, Russky Island, Russia

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