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The Conservation Status of 100 Rare Plants in Mongolia


Mongolia is unique in that it contains a great range of natural ecosystems within its borders. For example, the southern edge of the Siberian Taiga meets with the northern fringe of the Central Asian steppe and desert. A continental climate with sharp fluctuations characterizes the vegetation of Mongolia, and a total of 3,160 species of vascular plants have been registered in the flora of Mongolia to date (Gubanov 1996; Urgamal et al. 2014; Urgamal et al. 2016). Awareness of the importance of this biodiversity is relevant to all species and crucial to their conservation. Only 148 very rare species from Mongolia have been assessed according to the Red List Categories and Criteria of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) (Nyambayar et al. 2011). More recently, Urgamal (2018) assessed a total of 1,472 species of vascular plants in the species conservation catalog. In this study, we compiled a total of 100 species with conservation status with updated photographs and distribution maps. Of these, 39 were assessed and listed in the Mongolian Red List, while 61 were newly assessed and identified in this book. Moreover, conservation action plans are necessary for those species to define the dominant threats (e.g., overgrazing, fires, drought, human interference, the private mineral industry, desertification and climate change in local habitats).



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