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Important plants of East Asia Ⅲ: Plants above the forest limit


Though countries in East Asian are geographically contiguous to each other, and shared long natural and cultural histories, continuous conflicts and disputes between countries have dominated for a longer period. This eventually resulted in a scientific apathy to the nature and environment of neighboring countries, which are not entirely separable but connected one another. For the better understanding of nature and ecosystem of unique and rich and unique flora and vegetation of East Asia, where large number of the geologically old Tertiary flora exists, regional environmental cooperation, especially for the disjunctive distribution of cold-tolerant or cold-tolerant resilient relict plants between the Arctic and above forest limit of temperate East Asia is required. This work aims to understand the disjunctive distribution pattern of about one hundred species of the high mountain plants of East Asia above the forest limit, which are common between circum-boreal region of Eurasia and EABCN (East Asian Biodiversity Conservation Network) member countries, such as Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan and Korea. Introduction chapter discusses the delineation of the boundary of East Asia based on diverse environmental criteria. It also deals with the natural characteristic of East Asia, including its climate, flora, cold environment, arctic-alpine and alpine plants, paleo-environment as well as vegetation history of the Quaternary period, which enabled to carry many common high mountain plants within EABCN countries, and the potential effects of global warming on these relict and endangered plants under recent climate change trends.



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