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Checklist of Vascular Plants of North Korea


This checklist is a compilation of the native and naturalized pteridophytes, conifers and flowering plants recorded in North Korea. It represents an updating of the floral listings. Since then numerous taxonomic and resultant nomenclatural changes have been proposed by the recent revisionary studies, often with molecular data inputs reinterpreting classification. We have consulted recent publication of Generic Flora of Korea (Park et al., 2007), and the plant database, which called the ‘Korea Plant Names Index’ at Korea National Arboretum (2017). When personal experience concerning particular plant groups contradicted recent innovations, however, our preferred alternative taxonomic interpretations are followed in this catalogue.
The flora of North Korea is probably one of the lesser-known floras in northeastern Asia. Although various flora books was published in North Korea about 20 years ago, the comprehensive checklist of North Korean plants has not been published yet. Since recent plant collections from this country do not span well for more than 80 years, no extensive and comprehensive accounts of its flora exist. Unfortunately, we have not reevaluated records known only from 50 years ago or longer. The preset list covers all known native and naturalized taxa of vascular plants recorded for North Korea. Main herbaria containing North Korea species are TI, KYO, TNS, E, A, and LE.
Finally, we thank the Korea National Arboretum and the GBIF for their continued encouragement and support of this project.
This checklist was developed using the BRAHMS (Botanical Research And Herbarium Management System).



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