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Korea Forest Big Trees


The big trees in the forests are the green fossis"" and ""small natural features/SNFS)"" of the forest ecosystem of an area, and a huge carbon bank"" in response to climate change. h North America and Europe, various efforts to preserve ther uniqueness, integrity, diversity, and symbolism are making As part of the conservation and adaptation of forest plant species vulnerable to climate change, Korea also has collected the information on 353 big trees of 84 species in 72 forest areas including islands throughout Korea, as wel as the information on the big trees in forest areas 50 far identified as basic data for conservation of major trees coping with climate and environmental changes. After identifying the compositional diversity by species, size, and location, 100 trees of 79 species with the chest height girth of 3000m or more, which are naturally established and growing, were selected, and the research on them has been conducted to provide comprehensive conservation directions suitable for their growth, locations, and vegetations, In addition, we have identified their stem girth, height, crawn width, stem condition, and their growth, vegetation and location characteristics, built the related property information into DB, and finally come to distribute the explanatory diagram made with the vivid information and photos in the field. We expect that it wil publicize the value of conservation of the major trees in Korean forests and increase the usefulness of related research on the themes such as conservation of relict trees in Korea forests. In particular, the study ""Big Trees in Korean Forest which is published at this time is organized by writing in Korean and English in parallel so that it can be easily understood by foreign countries. We expect that it will be used as basic data for future research on conservation of forest plant species vulnerable to climate change and as valuable material in the institutes for forest exploration and research We""d like to express our gratitude to the researchers who worked hard to investigate and study the big trees scattered all over the country even under difficult conditions. And f this book is used as basic data for the research on Korean forest, it will be the most rewarding to us.



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